Friday, May 16, 2008

Hell yeah, I am back!

Friendship is rare.
When you find out much later
That they don't really care.
It's rare to me, can't you see?

I have always known that real friendship is rare, but it has always been taken for granted. Real friendship, a good friend - better yet, a best friend, is something taken for granted.

Friends have always come easy for me. I get along with most everyone and have no problems fitting in. My friends are great, have no qualms about it. Without them, I wouldn't be half the woman I am today. They have unknowingly steered me on the straight and narrow, their influence providing guidance. It is quite possible that friends alone have saved me from being plagued with more self-destructive tendencies than currently.

But, through it all I have had no real good friends. I take that back. My "good" friends have been there, existing in a transitory state. One week I may have one, the next nothing. It was utterly unpredictable the nature of it. Hell, I don't even know what a good friend qualifies as. Is it simply someone you trust without bound? Someone that wouldn't mind an extreme late night phone call for no reason other than to hear a voice of reason? Or is it just someone who conveniently finds themselves in your company?

The few people who I have thought of as good friends have all been of the male variety. For no other reason than it was easier to relate. Or was it that, as any good female, I found attraction in it? I cannot argue against it. Any guy that I have ever called a good friend has had a special place.

The latest was a boy named Jordan. It puzzles me why. We have a long, and usually not so pleasant, history. I will have to write on that soon. Throughout everything he has always been there in some shape. I shared with him things that I did no one else. I trusted him completely. I still can't answer why. He was special, that's why. I told him that, you're special. He asked what it meant, to be special, and to this day I have yet to fully answer it.

Special. That is the basis of real friendship. A special bond, a link that connects two seemingly different people.

Friends will be friends
They're running naked in the sand,
Friends holding hands
Will someday surely form a band,
Friends will be friends
They say that friends are friends
To the bitter end.

But being special is nothing more than an imagined connection between two people to justify and make sense of something so great that it was given it's own name: Friendship. Without friends, you are nothing. And without you, they are nothing. You depend on one another.

Friendship, real lasting friendship, is built on nothing more than trust. Trust in the other person, trust in the bond between two people. And inherently involved in trust is the ability to share. Share your feelings, share what you are thinking, share the canticles of time. To share anything at all is to trust.

Without trust, a friendship is lost. And in doing so, the bond broken, a connection severed. Two people become individuals and are nothing. The dependence is betrayed. They don't really care about you at all.

Friendship is rare. When you have it, nothing can top it. But when you are without, you are lost, nothing more than another lowly being wandering aimlessly in a pool of confusion. There is no substitute for a real friend.

Nosotros debemos llorar con lágrimas transitorias para todas que han perdido.

We should all weep with transitory tears for all that has been losts

PS: love you Pitak,thanks for everything.


Pitak! said...

Love you too Tomat....

and Love you Bleb². Miz u babe...

Slugger said...


bahasa inggris euy....
ga ngerti....

udah lah

love u too.....

Republik Gaptek said...

duh mbak saya sebenarnya saya ngerti benget arti bahasa inggrisnya..tapi ya itu takut dibilang sombong..jadi saya simpen aja di hati gak usah, ini kok pada I Love u-Iloveuan..GW juga ah I LOPE U EPERY BUDDY

bleb said...

love u too
*ngikut yg di atas

dundhee said...

weee.... keren juga ngebuat blog yang bisa diisi ama 3 orang sekaligus,.... hmph... well, salam knal.. haehehehehehe...
maen2 laghee yeee ke blog ku... hmph...